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We offer practical and commercial reasonable solutions to our clients, which in addition to the legislative aspect also consider business logic and the general goals of the business venture.


In customer relations, we contribute to long-term cooperation, as we believe that by staying informed of the daily business fo ta client we can provide even more effective legal service and develop solutions making it possible to prevent legal problems and minimize risks.

Our services include:
  • Selection of the right form of business, joint entrepreneurship, participation of investors 

  • Statutes and other basic documentation of a company

  • Documents related to company management (decisions of meetings, minutes, documents of management and council)

  • Matters related to the capital of a company (distribution of shares, reorganization, increasing and decreasing of capital, inclusion of investments)

  • Structuring of investments (inclusion of finances, planning of investments, tax-related matters, payment of investments, matters related to the distribution and management of assets)

  • Relationships between shareholders (shareholder agreements, terms of entry and exit of shareholders)

  • Reorganization of companies (mergers, divisions, acquisitions)

  • Applications for permits/licenses and register changes

  • Business relationships with partners (purchase and sales transactions, delivery agreements, agent agreements, cooperation agreements, contracts for services, etc.)

  • Consultation in negotiations and decision-making (transaction risk analysis)

Contact us

Inga Murula-Riim


Phone: +372 510 8796

Kristi Relvik


Phone: +372 523 5394

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