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| Employment disputes

We have a long-term counselling experience (of both employees and employers) in all the aspects of the labour law, and therefore we are capable of offering solutions based on the needs of the customer. Among other things, we help employers develop practices supporting modern business models where work is done part-time, project-based, from distance, based on different compensation rules, etc.


Our lawyers have successfully represented clients both in labour dispute and court procedures.


We also carry out public and order-based trainings on labour law. When organising an order-based training, we tailor the training to the particular needs and requirements of a client.

Team work
Our services include:
  • Selection of the form of labour relations, employment contracts and job descriptions

  • Audit of the documentation of labour relations

  • Consultation agreements

  • Termination of employment contracts (including collective termination) and making changes in the labour structure

  • Transfer of employment contracts in the event of merger or acquisition of a company

  • Work procedure rules, rules of safety and health at work

  • Agreements management members

  • Motivational programs (options)

  • Labour disputes

  • Trainings

Contact us

Kristi Relvik


Phone: +372 523 5394

Maris Tekkel


Phone: +372 510 3532

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