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In the event of a dispute, the most suitable result for the parties is often reached outside the court room. We develop solutions based on the best interests of the client in order to avoid court procedures, and we counsel and represent the client during the compromise negotiations.


In a situation where extrajudicial solution of disputes has not had any result, we represent our clients in court (civil and administrative court) and with extra-judicial labour dispute resolution bodies (labour dispute committee, disputing committee of public procurements, etc.).


Justice Scale
Our services include:
  • Representation in civil court procedures

  • Representation in administrative court procedures (including disputing of administrative act with an administrative authority)

  • Representation with extrajudicial dispute authorities (labour dispute committee, consumer dispute committee, disputing committee of public procurements, etc.)

  • Extrajudicial solution of disputes (compromise negotiations)

  • Execution proceedings 

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Kristi Relvik


Phone: +372 523 5394

Maris Tekkel


Phone: +372 510 3532

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