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We realize that successful real estate and construction projects require thorough knowledge in legal matters governing the area and in financial matters.


We counsel our clients in planning procedures and all the stages of the construction process, including the acquisition of permits and approvals, communication with the local government and other authorities, and application of special rules, including the environmental law, rules of cooperation between the public and private sector (PPP), etc.  We also represent our customers in disputes related to public procurement.

Our lawyers also have extensive experience with transactions related to every type of real estate, including transactions involving acquisition of real estate, bank financing, encumbrances (including mortgages or servitudes), right of common ownership, as well as lease and rental relations. We also counsel apartment associations in organizing their daily operations.

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Our services include:
  • Building contracts, design contracts

  • Process of acquisition and planning of permits and approvals, administrative procedure

  • Agreements with suppliers, contractors

  • Public procurements

  • Cooperation projects of public and private sector

  • Real estate transactions

  • Matters related to common ownership (including agreements between common owners, division of common property)

  • Limited real rights: servitudes, real encumbrances, building rights, right of pre-emption and right of security 

  • Lease and rental agreements

  • Financing and guarantees (mortgages, financial guarantees, guarantees)

  • Disputes related to real estate transactions and construction

  • Counselling of apartment associations 

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Maris Tekkel


Phone: +372 510 3532

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